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  • We represented a former bank manager, who was sued (together with her former bank) by a former assistant bank manager for sexual harassment. We negotiated with the bank to pay for the legal fees for the manager individually, and the bank settled separately and dismissed the manager.
  • We defended a private label manufacturing company that was sued by a former salesperson for unpaid commissions. After we transferred the suit to federal court and served the employee’s counsel with extensive written discovery requests, we were able to obtain a settlement that was cost-effective for the client.
  • We represented a construction company which was faced with charges of pregnancy discrimination that were filed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights by two junior staff members who were not asked to return to work after their maternity leave. We successfully showed that the women were let go due to their lack of seniority and a significant business slowdown, and that the company had non-discriminatory medical leave policies for men and women. As a result, the commission dismissed the charges.
  • We represented a doctor who was sued by his former employer for violating his non-compete agreement. At trial, we showed that his former employer had violated their employment agreement by failing to pay his agreed compensation. We obtained an award against the former employer for the unpaid commissions, and significantly narrowed the geographic scope of the non-compete agreement, so that the doctor could continue his new practice.
  • We represented a black employee in the accounting department of a publicly traded real estate finance company in a federal court race discrimination and retaliation case. After a three week jury trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client against the company on the retaliation claim for $433,000 in lost wages and mental distress, and $1.6 million in punitive damages, in addition to attorney’s fees.
  • We represented a sixty-year-old employee of a placement agency, who was fired after he was subjected to negative comments about his age and religion. Soon after we filed and served the lawsuit, we negotiated a favorable settlement for the employee.
  • We represented an analyst for a major American publicly held company who worked with a major Japanese company in a joint venture for an on-line trading company in Japan. We brought claims against the American company under Sarbanes Oxley and fraud. After a formal mediation, we were able to negotiate a favorable settlement for the employee.