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Entertainment, Music and Sports

Our digital world is constantly evolving in ways that continue to impact the way people and businesses create, experience and share content. We understand that keeping up with the rise of technological advances is crucial in providing the effective legal representation that our clients deserve. Our interdisciplinary team handles transactions and litigation in music, technology, sports, games, film and digital media, and have access to resources that are crucial to the success of our clients.
We understand the challenges of the digital environment and we are prepared to assist our clients in navigating it. We see the opportunities and the risks. Our attorneys understand that the correlation between technology and consumer demand is constantly evolving and that there is an emerging need to identify adequate platforms to distribute and monetize our clients' content.  Film, music and live performances are transforming into multiple revenue streams. We provide business acumen and legal experience to fulfill our clients' goals in these constantly evolving entertainment and technology markets.
In the entertainment and sports industries, our firm works with:
·       Record labels and music publishers
·       Independent Artists, producers and distributors
·       Digital content producers and distributors in music, video and gaming
·       International media companies entering the U.S. market
·       Financial institutions, funds and investors
·       Film, TV producers and content creators
·       Talent.Writers, directors, producers, managers, musicians, promoters and authors
·       Athletes, professional sports teams, and sports agents

For more information about our Entertainment, Music and Sports practice, please contact Francelina M. Perdomo, Esq.

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