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With unsurpassed expertise, Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP attorneys are frequently called upon to comment on business, financial, political and legal developments around the world as well as on the implications of big deals, noteworthy cases, community news, and proposed legislation.

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  • Security Deposits Limited to One Month – What’s a Landlord to Do?
    November 2019 | By: Scott M. Smiler, Esq.| GDB 2019 Fall Newsletter

    One of the provisions in the New Rent Law makes significant changes to the collection of security deposits.  In addition, one important and unintended consequence is the law’s effect on cooperatives. Under the New Rent Law, cooperatives collecting an escrow for the conditional approval of a purchaser could run afoul of the new law and be liable for damages.

  • How to Comply with Part M of The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019
    November 2019 | By: Marc J. Luxemburg, Esq.| GDB 2019 Fall Newsletter

    Part M of the New Rent Law contains a number of other provisions that create financial and operating difficulties for all cooperatives and, to some extent, condominiums. Part M was passed without any public input and apparently without any recognition on the part of any of the legislators that it would affect cooperatives. The law specifically affects admissions and operating procedures and adversely affects litigation brought by a cooperative. In this article we deal with the admissions and operating issues – litigation will be dealt with more specifically in a future issue.

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  • New Tenant Protections Could Pinch Co-op Sales
    11/5/2019 | Habitat Magazine

    Marc Luxemburg, partner at Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP and president of the New York Council of Cooperatives and Condominiums, quoted in Habitat Magazine's article "New Tenant Protections Could Pinch Co-op Sales." 

  • Q&A: Stock Certificate Problem
    April 2019 | The Cooperator

    In the April issue of The Cooperator, GDB partner Marc J. Luxemburg answers a coop board member's question regarding a shareholder's stock certificates in the coop.

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  • VIDEO: Legal Game Changers for Boards: Conflict of Interest
    Fall 2018 | Habitat Magazine

    David L. Berkey, Esq., head of GDB's Coop and Condo Law Practice, opining on conflicts of interests for boards

  • Insurance for Coops
    2/2018 | Habitat Magazine: David L. Berkey, Esq.

    Senior partner and head of GDB's Cooperative and Condominium Law practice, David L. Berkey, discusses issues related to coops and insurance.