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With unsurpassed expertise, Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP attorneys are frequently called upon to comment on business, financial, political and legal developments around the world as well as on the implications of big deals, noteworthy cases, community news, and proposed legislation.

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  • Businesses Must Prepare for the Recent Amendments of the New York Power of Attorney Statute
    11/10/2020 | By: Jay L. Hack, Esq.|GDB 2020 Fall Newsletter

    New York has recently amended its power of attorney (POA) statute, which should be effective in 2021. All businesses in New York that receive POAs must accept them unless they have a good reason not to. Businesses are advised to adopt procedures to ensure that they only accept POAs that provide maximum protection from liability and that they properly reject those that do not.

  • Is Your Building Clean?
    11/10/2020 | By: Morrell I. Berkowitz, Esq.| GDB 2020 Fall Newsletter

    As we are approaching the end of 2020, boards, managing agents, and owners should ensure that they are in compliance with Local Law 87, which requires, among other things, “energy audits” and “retro-commissioning of base building systems” that affect virtually every apartment building in New York City, whether a cooperative, condominium or rental.  This ordinance has broad-ranging requirements affecting every significant building system, specific reporting requirements, and financial penalties for failure to comply.

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  • GDB Law Practical Guides: Asset Protection for Doctors

    There is no risk to bring a lawsuit against a doctor on contingency, and patients are incentivized to sue because doctors are viewed as “deep pockets.” Doctors who engage in asset protection before the threat from the patient are in a more favorable position to retain their assets.

  • GDB Law Practical Guides: Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors, Builders and Landlords

    Ownership of real estate carries with it the threat of litigation from tenants, guests or even passers-by. Considering the risks, property owners should and can take steps to protect their assets from potential plaintiffs by employing various asset protection strategies.

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