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Companies and individuals doing business in this digital world must consider intellectual property rights regardless of their business model. Copyright registration and protection are essential in this context. We counsel clients from various industries, including book and music publishing, sound recording, entertainment, education, and fashion and apparel, in the protection, enforcement, and licensing of copyrighted content. The constantly evolving internet platforms create multiple ways to create and share copyrighted works which increase the risk of potential infringement. We are here to help protect the rights of content creators with early dispute resolution or litigation.
Our attorneys provide opinions on copyrightability, fair use, and ownership of title, assist clients with negotiating licenses and assignments, and represent clients in copyright infringement disputes in the courts and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Our Intellectual Property team of attorneys represents media companies, publishers, authors, and media creators. We understand the importance of protecting the rights of authors while making content available to users in the digital world.

For more information about our Trademark and Branding practice, please contact Francelina M. Perdomo, Esq. or David T. Azrin, Esq.

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