A Practical Guide to Legal Issues for Co-op, Condo and HOA Boards
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GDB Law Practical Guides: For Condo & Co-op Boards


The attorneys in Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP's Cooperative, Condominium and Homeowners Association (HOA) Law practice help board members, managing agents and owners solve real-world problems.

The board of your condo, co-op or HOA is the governing body for your apartment building or residential development. Serving on a board can be rewarding; it allows you to be part of the decision-making process for your community and may provide you with an opportunity to influence how things are run. While a professional management company may handle things (like overseeing day-to-day maintenance and operations), board members retain a number of important duties and responsibilities.  

A Practical Guide to Legal Issues for Cooperative, Condominium and HOA Board Members

Below are a collection of articles addressing some of the legal issues facing co-op, condo and HOA boards.


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