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  • Winter 2019 Newsletter
    Winter 2019 |  Winter 2019 Legal Update

  • Making a Building Smoke-Free?  Here are Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions
    7/11/18 | By: Peter R. Massa, Esq. & Alyssa C. Goldrich, Esq. | GDB 2018 Summer Newsletter

    As described in our spring 2018 newsletter, under recent legislation all New York City multi-family dwellings consisting of three or more apartments (including coops and condos) must adopt a smoking policy by August 28, 2018 and provide the policy to all current and prospective residents.  This requirement has caused many coops and condos to consider making their buildings “smoke-free” by prohibiting smoking in individual apartments as well as the common areas of the building.  Click here for FAQ regarding implementation of a smoke-free policy.