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Practice Areas

White Collar Criminal Defense

Highly skilled and forceful representation for people or companies being investigated or charged with a crime.

If you or your company is being investigated or charged with a crime, our white collar criminal defense team can offer you the most highly skilled and forceful representation in the following areas:
  • Grand Jury and Regulatory – Representing corporate and individual clients in grand jury and other governmental investigations.
  • Criminal Trials – Representing corporate and individual clients at trial in all state and federal courts.
  • Appeals – Our attorneys have handled hundreds of appeals in this area.
  • Internal Corporate Investigations – Conducting internal investigations pursuant to a strategy to uncover wrongdoing and avert criminal prosecution.

Litigation Tactics

Our criminal defense attorneys employ a set of carefully developed strategies that enable them to win cases – or achieve the most favorable resolution. For example:

We Prepare – We prepare every case as if it’s going to be tried – even if a negotiated resolution is a strong possibility. This tactic puts you in the most favorable position whether the case is resolved or tried.

We’re Pragmatic – If we determine that fighting is the best route – we’re tenacious. If we determine that the most effective strategy is to negotiate a settlement – we’re accommodating. Our flexibility is our strength.

We Leverage Our Reputation – We have a stellar reputation in the courtroom, which we use as a tool to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

We Project Confidence – We’re seasoned veterans and have represented clients in the most complex and high-profile cases.