Cybersecurity Risks Where You Least Expect Them

Written By: Jay L. Hack

cropped view of businessman using laptop and phone security

Approaching my first blogging anniversary, I am honored that has named this one of the world's top 75 Bank Blogs. I’m glad to be in the top 75, and I hope, with your help as a blog follower, or even better if you link to this blog, to vault rapidly up the ladder. Let’s quickly segue to my favorite topic these days, cybersecurity.

My 43 years of experience in Banking Law pales in comparison to 60+ years as an amateur photographer. I still have my Kodak Dualflex my parents gave me at age 6 in the 1950s. Last week, I purchased a very large lens. The kind you see people running around along the sidelines at football games. To test it, I attached it to my Nikon and pointed it out my office window. Holding it by hand, with no tripod support, I took a photograph of the building across the street. In the tiny display on the back of the camera, I was able to read the computer screen in the office across Third Avenue. I shudder to think what I could have read by displaying the photo on a high detail monitor. Whoa, I said, this is a cybersecurity teaching moment.

Today's Takeaway? You can't be too careful. When conducting your cybersecurity risk assessment, make sure you consider the direction that your computer screens are pointing. Desks facing the window with computer screens having their backs to the window normally present few if any layout risks. However, if computer screens, especially large monitors, face towards a window, consider whether to adjust your layout so people cannot peer over the shoulders of your employees and look at computer screens while walking on the street outside or sitting in a building across the road.

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