​Housing Court Trials Are Resuming in Brooklyn

Written By: Michelle P. Quinn

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In-person trials of eviction proceedings resumed in Kings County Housing Court as of July 27, 2020, with other boroughs to follow soon. First priority will be given to those cases which were on the Court’s calendar prior to March 16, 2020, when the ban on evictions was put in place. Proceedings involving unrepresented litigants will be included, however, preference will be given to “two-attorney” cases.
The in-person trials in Brooklyn will be held in three (3) large designated courtrooms in the Supreme Court building at 320 Jay Street, which will provide ample space for social distancing and other safety measures.
Though trials will resume, that does not necessarily mean that a judgment of possession will be granted or that a warrant of eviction will be issued, both of which are necessary for an eviction to take place. While some tenant advocates feel the resumption of trials is premature, many cases unrelated to the pandemic, such as nuisance or illegal conduct, may soon see resolution, even if actual eviction is delayed.
*New Summary Proceedings Update – attorneys no longer need to file an affirmation that the tenant was not financially impacted by COVID-19 when filing a new nonpayment proceeding.

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