The "Emergency Rent Relief Act of 2020,” Signed By Governor Cuomo on June 17, Establishes Rent Relief For Residential Low-Income Tenants

Written By: Jay L. Hack Michelle P. Quinn

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The "Emergency Rent Relief Act of 2020,” signed by Governor Cuomo on June 17, establishes rent relief for residential low-income tenants by providing up to $100,000,000 in voucher payments to landlords to subsidize rent owed by low-income tenants. Low-income tenants are eligible if their rent is more than 30% of their income and if their rent burden has increased due to a loss of income. The government agency administering the program will provide the vouchers directly to landlords for them to redeem. The vouchers will be distributed by an appropriate housing agency in each county, which may vary based upon where the property is located. The administrative procedures for the implementation of the program are still being developed. The program will be funded from the Coronavirus relief aid that the federal government is providing to New York State.

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