Condominiums May Conduct Unit Owner Meetings Virtually

Written By: David L. Berkey

David Berkey in front of an in person coop condo meeting

On July 1, 2022, Governor Hochul signed into law a bill amending Section 339-v of the Real Property Law to permit condominiums to hold Unit Owner meetings virtually.

The law allows a Board of Managers to determine, in its sole discretion, to hold a Unit Owner meeting virtually, or to conduct a hybrid meeting at a physical location where Unit Owners may participate in person or virtually by means of electronic communication. The Board of Managers has the sole discretion to decide what platform (i.e., Zoom, Teams, or others) is to be used.

Some condominiums have already amended their by-laws to permit meetings to be held virtually. With the adoption of this new law, it is no longer necessary to amend the condominium by-laws to provide authority to hold a meeting using electronic means. The law is effective immediately.

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