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  • The Tariff Wars: You’re Going to Need a Drink
    12/10/2020 | By: Asher Rubinstein, Esq.

    The United States and the European Union are in the midst of a damaging game of retaliatory tit-for-tariff.  Since October 18, 2019, wine, Scotch and other alcoholic beverages from the EU are now subject to a 25% tariff at US ports.  Our clients across the wine, spirits and hospitality industries are all feeling the effects, from the importers who source the products abroad, to the retailers, restaurateurs and ultimate US consumers.  There is widespread hope that a new administration in the White House will take a different path.  Both the US and EU have significant incentives to end their underlying disputes - - which are not over beverages, but instead pertain to government subsidies of domestic aircraft industries - - and remove the tariffs altogether.