What Should I Do When Someone Files a Lien Against My Home in NY?

Written By: Randy J. Heller

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5 Things to Check When Liened

1.  See if it is “defective on its face”

  • Was if filed more than 4 months after the last day of work?
  • Does it name the wrong owner?
  • Does it misdescribe the property?

 If yes, then it can be dismissed quickly. If not, it may take something more.

2.  Have it “bonded”

  • Filing a bond can lift the lien off the property and attach it to the bond instead
  • “Bonding a lien” can satisfy a landlord or bank
  • A bond eliminates the encumbrance on title

3.  Deposit 110% of the lien amount with the court

  • This will accomplish the same result as “bonding the lien”
  • This is a useful tool where obtaining a bond is not possible
  • But note that getting the money back often takes time and involves a fee

4.  Demand that the lien be foreclosed within 30 days

  • Failure to commence a foreclosure action results in the dismissal of the lien
  • This strategy is often effective with smaller liens
  • Although one is loath to demand that a lawsuit be started, it usually is not

5.  Call your lawyer

  • Each of these strategies has certain complications and legal wrinkles
  • Sometimes it is OK to do nothing and just leave the lien in place
  • A lawyer can sometimes calm down a lender or landlord who is alarmed

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