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David  I. Faust

Primary Practice Areas

Corporate Law
Trusts and Estates
Tax Law
International Business Law
Real Estate Law
Corporate Finance and Securities


Harvard Law School
LL.B with honors, 1964

Brooklyn College
B.A. with honors, 1961


New York
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit
United States Tax Court
David I. Faust
Tel: 212-935-3131 ext. 312
Fax: 212-935-4514
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  • Where Do You Want to Park Your Money?
    Key Factors in Picking a Jurisdiction
    February 2020 | By: David I. Faust, Esq.| GDB 2020 Winter Newsletter

    Beginning in the 1900s, “financial centers” were established in a wide variety of offshore jurisdictions around the world.  They were essentially tax havens. Recently the challenges to these choices have been evolving. With today’s changes, key factors must be considered when picking a jurisdiction.

  • Summer 2019 Newsletter
    Summer 2019 | Summer 2019 Legal Update

  • Spring 2019 Newsletter
    Spring 2019 | Spring 2019 Legal Update

  • Fish or Fowl
    2/6/19 | By: David I. Faust, Esq.| GDB 2019 Winter Newsletter

    Whether shares representing ownership of a cooperative apartment are real property or personal property has perplexed estate lawyers and their clients, especially when the owner/decedent is a non-domiciliary of New York.  Is succession of the shares governed by the laws of New York, where the co-op is located – the case if the shares are realty – or the laws of the domicile of the decedent?  If there is no will, or if a spouse elects against the will, which law applies?
    A recent Supreme Court, New York County, case sheds some, albeit dim, light on this question.

  • Winter 2019 Newsletter
    Winter 2019 |  Winter 2019 Legal Update

  • Fall 2018 Newsletter
    10/24/18 | GDB 2018 Fall Newsletter

  • David I. Faust, Esq. Presented on International Tax Law at the STEP-Israel Conference in Tel Aviv

    Partner David I. Faust presented on international tax law at the 20th annual STEP-Israel Conference in Tel Aviv. He also was a speaker on cross-border investments, inheritance and taxation at a joint meeting between the Committee for Private International Law of the Israel Bar Association and members of the New York State Bar Association's International Section.

  • Summer 2018 Newsletter
    7/11/2018 | GDB 2018 Summer Newsletter

    Legal Update

  • Trusts Provide a Flexible Vehicle to Accomplish Many Different Beneficial Purposes
    4/4/2018 | By: David I. Faust, Esq. | GDB 2018 Spring Newsletter

    Trusts can be used for a variety of beneficial purposes: estate and tax planning, avoidance of probate, continuity of a family business, provision for heirs who may not be able to take care of their own financial affairs or needs because of age or lack of capacity, charitable giving and asset protection.  This article describes the two basic types of charitable trusts, as well as asset protection trusts, and explains when it is appropriate to use each type of trust. 

  • Spring 2018 Newsletter
    4/4/2018 | Spring 2018 Newsletter

    Legal Update

  • Durable Powers of Attorney - Views Across the Ocean
    4/1/2018 | By: David I. Faust, Rebecca B. Pasternak and Lyat Eyal | Oxford University Press: Trusts & Trustees

    The worldwide elderly population grows annually. Life expectancy is increasing in modern societies, requiring governments to adjust various services provided to this community. Notwithstanding this shift, the growing view is that emphasis should be placed on the right of individuals to have a say in how their affairs are managed, even as their capacity to manage themselves deteriorates.

  • Winter 2018 Newsletter
    1/29/2018 | GDB 2018 Winter Newsletter

    Legal Update

  • Tax Reform 2017

    This past Friday the President signed into effect a new tax law which will impact most if not all Americans.  While the effective date of most of the provisions of the new law is not until January 1, 2018, certain changes made by the new tax law should be addressed immediately in order to take advantage of the law before it changes.

    This alert summarizes the most significant changes and provides specific recommendations for action you may want to consider in light of these changes.

  • Year End Tax Planning Concepts

    Although year-end tax planning always presents challenges, recent tax reform proposals have created a unique set of challenges for taxpayers.  Despite the current uncertainty concerning tax reform, it is important to remember that the proposals are just that: proposals.  This memo highlights several potential income and estate tax-saving opportunities to consider based on current tax law, as well as strategies to receive the maximum benefit under current law and/or protection from any possible future changes.  As with planning opportunities it is important to first do the math to see if any potential opportunity will result in actual savings.  The Tax, Trusts and Estates practice at Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP stands ready to assist you in making these determinations.

  • Fall 2017 Newsletter
    10/23/2017 | GDB 2017 Fall Newsletter

    Legal Update

  • Summer 2017 Newsletter
    7/5/2017 | GDB 2017 Summer Newsletter

    Legal Update

  • Powers of Attorney - A Useful Tool
    3/10/2017 | By: David I. Faust, Esq. | GDB 2017 Spring Newsletter

  • Spring 2017 Newsletter
    3/10/2017 | GDB 2017 Spring Newsletter

    Legal Update

  • Winter 2017 Newsletter

    Legal Update